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Welcome to EUFAMI's news pages. EUFAMI aims to improve conditions for those with mental illness, and to remove the negative perception and stigma surrounding mental health through the provision of accurate and relevant information. Here you will find all the news relating to EUFAMI and mental health, including the latest campaign updates, press releases and EUFAMI's newsletter.


@BULLETIN NO 9 – October 2016

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World Mental Health Day
On the 10thof October, World Mental Health Day, we published our annual Special Editio @-Bulletin detailing our members’ activities in celebration and the online course Caring for People with Psychosis and Schizophrenia” developed with King’s College, was launched for the third time. You can still acces it.

WHO launches Let’s Talk about Depression
Also on the 10th, the WHO launched its one-year campaign to reduce stigma and improve discussion on mental health, in order for more people suffering from depression to seek help. EUFAMI is concerned about the growing number of family caregivers suffering from depression.  Our C4C survey shows families need more support to maintain their own mental wellbeing. 

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Help us get more policy attention for mental health and asylum seekers

Help us get more policy attention for mental health and asylum seekers!!!

EUFAMI is working with GAMIAN-Europe to find support for a European Parliament Written Declaration on mental health and asylum seekers. A Written Declaration is a tool that Members of the European Parliament have to underline their interest in and the need for action for a certain topic. It needs the support of the majority of Members (376 signatures)  in order to become adopted as a formal Parliamentary document.

This Written Declaration was prepared as it is felt that there is too little awareness of and attention for the mental health risks and challenges faced by asylum seekers being traumatized by the situation they are fleeing from, the threats and horrors faced on their journey to the destination countries and the rejection and lack of inclusion and opportunities (in many cases) when arriving in their destination countries. Policymakers across the EU aware should be more of the fact that this is a real and serious issue which needs to be taken into account in any effort to address the situation of asylum seekers and their integration in their host countries and communities.

We need your support with getting the Written Declaration formally adopted: we would like to urge you to write to the Members of the European Parliament from your countries to call on them to sign the Written Declaration.

For the Written Declaration (available in all EU languages) and the form MEPs need to sign click here.


@BULLETIN NO 7/8 – August/September 2016

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Patients’ and relatives’ views on schizophrenia research priorities

Former president Bert Johnson, published an article on “Schizophrenia research priorities from the viewpoint of patients/relatives” in “Die Psychiatrie, Vol 13, No 3. It highlights the importance of further research on the role of families and supporters in mental health.

Written Declaration on mental health of asylum seekers tabled

On September 12th, the Written Declaration on Mental health of asylum seekers was tabled. EUFAMI encourages its members and supporters to write their local MEPs to secure the 376 signatures needed for it to be adopted by the European Parliament.

Mental Health Thematic Network and Draft Joint-Statement launched

EUFAMI invites you to join the Mental Health Thematic Network on the Commission’s Health Policy Platform which it co-leads. A draft joint-statement was developed focusing on a life course perspective on mental health, parity of esteem and mental health at work.

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Special Edition WMHD @Bulletin

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At the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2016, EUFAMI sends greetings to all of its friends and colleagues throughout the world who promote mental health. We urge everyone to continue to work and strive to improve the wellbeing of persons and their families who are affected by mental ill health. The theme for 2016 is ‘First Aid in Mental Health’. In this special issue of our @Bulletin, we highlight a selection of the activities our members are engaging in.

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We are back from the summer holidays with another double edition of news from June and July!


2015 Annual Report and 2016 Annual General Meeting

In June, EUFAMI launched its 2015 Annual Report. It was approved by members at EUFAMI’s 2016 Annual General Meeting in Leuven on 28 May. This meeting marked a change of the guards, welcoming a new board member and three new officers, including Finland’s Miia Männikkö as President. It also gave fresh policy inputs, spurring stronger links with members and restating EUFAMI’s vital role in supporting family carers in mental health throughout Europe.

New Members from Portugal and Greece

EUFAMI welcomes two new members: Familiarmente, a new Portuguese association for families of persons with mental ill health, became full member; and EDRA, a Greek association providing services to people with social vulnerability, became affiliate member. EUFAMI now has 36 members in 23 countries.

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