European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Mental Illness

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20 years Eufami: a brief history. Click the image to view the entire histogram.
Eufami Annual Report 2013. Click the image tho read the report.


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EUFAMI "Mental healthcare under-resourced in too many countries", says @OECD
EUFAMI RT @FundaMentalSDG: Time is of the essence! ACT NOW for inclusion of a #mentalhealth target in the UN #SDGs : #discr
EUFAMI "Carers and family are an insufficiently supported resource" #mentalillness @TheEIU_Health
EUFAMI .@bertbijypsilon @ypsilon We kijken er naar uit de situatie vd Nederlandse mantelzorgers mee in kaart te kunnen brengen #C4C #mentalhealth



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